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Getting To & From School


Students who live outside a predetermined area from the school shall have the option of riding a bus.  See the busing schedule for specific locations.  All other students are designated as being able to walk to school. 



Students should walk or ride their bikes to school is a safe manner, crossing streets only at designated crosswalks, and watching out for traffic and strangers.  Doors open at 6:40am for all students.



We do not release any student from school without parental permission, which can be granted by adding the name of the friend or relative to the emergency medical form on file in the office.  


What will the morning drop-off procedures be this year? 

Drop off and pick up will be in a different location this year. We anticipate an increased number of students transported to school by parents or family members. In order to prevent congestion on Adams St. we’ve moved the drop off/pick up location to the north end of the building. Students will enter the building through the double doors on the north end of the building.  After dropping off your student at the north end of the building, please proceed to the turn-around in the back of the building. 


What will the dismissal process be for students? 

We will have a staggered dismissal for all students. We will begin dismissal at 2:36 with teams 7-1 and 8-1. Teams 7-2 and 8-2 will be dismissed at 2:38. Teams 7-3 and 8-3 will be dismissed at 2:40. We are hoping that a staggered dismissal will prevent any unnecessary congestion in the hallways.  We will have staggered class changes during the day for that same reason.


What should I do if I need to drop off or pick up my child during the school day? 

If you need to drop off your child after the start of the school day, please come to the main office door and ring the buzzer. Students will then be permitted entry into the building. Students will still need to see a secretary in order to be signed in.  If it is a simple task (dropping off a folder, lunch, etc.) a staff member will meet you at the door.  Please be sure these items are labeled with the student’s name. Doing this will lessen visitors to the building.  Please do your best to limit these types of drop offs.  To pick up your student early during the day, please send a note with your student in the morning. The student should turn this note into the office. This will allow the student to sign themselves out and meet you at the car. If the student did not bring in a note in the morning, please come to the main office door and buzz in. You will then need to identify yourself and provide proof of identification. We will then call the student down, and they will sign out and meet you outside.